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The Prime Minister introduces the newly appointed Minister to the staff of the Ministry of High - Tech Industry


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced newly appointed Minister Robert Khachatryan to the staff of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry.

The Prime Minister thanked the President of Armenia, former Minister Vahagn Khachaturyan for the work done in that position, congratulated and wished success to Robert Khachatryan. "Mr. Khachaturyan was able to create a functional team in the ministry within a short period and the atmosphere around the ministry was very positive during that time. We have seen very specific programs, results. We hope that the public will be better informed of some of those and other programs in the near future. Here, one of the members of that team, Mr. Khachatryan, replacing Mr. Khachaturyan as a minister. Once again, Mr. President, thank you. Mr. Khachatryan, I congratulate you on appointment, I am sure that you will ensure the continuity and efficiency of the programs. Mr. Khachaturyan, Mr. President, I am sure that you will continue to pay attention to the sphere, contributing to the implementation of all the programs that we practically develop together, implement together, we distress together from failures, we rejoice in success together," Nikol Pashinyan said.

Vahagn Khachaturyan thanked for the appreciation, noting that they are more binding. “The new Minister is a team member, and I am sure that Mr. Khachatryan will do everything to continue the started programs, I am sure that he will do it also with your direct help, which I have felt during these 7 months of work as a minister. There is always a need for that help, and with your help new ideas will be born, and they will also become a reality. There is one important circumstance that I would like to mention that inspired me. You have given freedom of action, while at the same time stating that the most important thing in that freedom is responsibility. And, as a minister, I have worked with that responsibility, feeling that what we do, we do together with the government, we contribute to the implementation of the government's ideas. As for the further work, it will turn out that I cannot stay away, since I am also responsible for the programs implemented by the government, and indeed, I have to have my participation in creating a truly harmonious atmosphere in the Republic of Armenia. Anyway, I will do my best to record real success and new achievements. Together with you, I congratulate Mr. Khachatryan, wishing him success together with the team. I am convinced that the effect of the assessments voiced by the Honorable Prime Minister will be that you will deserve such assessments again," Vahagn Khachaturyan said.

The newly appointed minister, in his turn, thanked for the trust. "There is an already formed team in the ministry, works started on a very good basis, in which Mr. Khachaturyan and my former colleagues in the person of Mr. Arshakyan, Mr. Chobanyan played a very big role. If we continue all this in the correct way, I'm sure we will succeed. Now it’s important to continue the programs that have already started, we will think about new ones in the future."

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