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Grape processing problems and ways to solve them discussed at Government


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During the consultation held at Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the problems related to grape processing during the current year and the possibilities of their solution were discussed.

It was reported that during the last years, the volume of exports of bottled brandy from our country has continuously increased. A similar trend is present in the case of grape wine. The volume of consumption of the latter is also increasing in the territory of the country.

In this context, reference was made to the volume of harvest expected this year, the organization of the procurement process, the course of work with farms and companies.

It was noted that within the framework of the state subsidy program, a contract for procurement of about 97 thousand tons of grapes has been signed between producers and suppliers, the process is continuous.

The implementation of daily consistent activities in the direction of solving possible problems and providing assistance to procurement companies within the framework of the government tools in order to increase export volumes were highlighted.

In this regard, it was emphasized that the Government plans to take an initiative to optimize the payment of duties in the export process in the near future.

Prime Minister Pashinyan emphasized the consistent increase in the volume of exports of bottled brandy and wines from our country and noted that the Executive will continue to keep the issue in the center of attention.

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