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The Government will adopt an supplementary decision to increase pensions for all pensioners by at least 3000 AMD


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A regular Cabinet meeting took place today, chaired by Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister referred to the issue of increasing the pensions. "You know that during one of the previous Cabinet meetings we made a decision to increase pensions. Our goal at this stage was to increase pensions by at least 3000 AMD. However, it turned out that the pension of 97.5% of pensioners will increase by at least 3000 AMD from September 1, the pension of 6,400 pensioners will increase by 2,500 AMD, and the pension of 5,300 by 1,900 AMD. We had a discussion and we believe that these observations are correct, especially in the background of our statements, and we considered it necessary to make a supplementary decision for 2,500 and 5,300 of our beloved pensioners, so that from September 1, as we promised, the pensions of all of them will be raised by at least 3000 AMD”, said the Prime Minister.

Referring to the Government's steps to increase pensions, including the measure of returning 10% of the pension in case of cashless trade, Nikol Pashinyan noted that their goal is to ensure that there is no pension lower than the value of the food basket in Armenia.

At the Cabinet meeting today, Nikol Pashinyan referred to the trilateral meeting held in Brussels on August 31. "Yesterday, we issued a press release about the meeting, where the discussed topics are mentioned. The decisions that were made are also mentioned. Those are working decisions by nature. Of course, it is understandable that the discussion was extensive, the discussion was not easy, but I also want to record that our goals continue to remain and must continue to remain those I have announced in my public speeches: the Government of the Republic of Armenia has adopted the peace agenda, and here too we need determination to bring that agenda to life. We all need to understand that it is not easy and simple, and the possible solutions are not obvious. We must continue to work consistently. I also believe that it is necessary and it is the people's wish that a lasting and comprehensive peace be established in our region as soon as possible. And we should focus more and more on solving this problem," Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister also noted that at the moment there are no more details to be reported, as they have already been briefly presented in the official press release. "In the future, if there are details, proposals or topics that are mature enough to be discussed in the Government, with the public, with political forces, we will certainly do it."

Due to the need to ensure the implementation of the measures "Capital repair of roads of national importance" and "Capital repair of transport facilities" and the need to redistribute financial resources, the Government adopted a decision. Accordingly, financial resources will be provided for the capital repair works of 3 road sections 7 transport facilities by the capital repair program for 2022, design estimate documentation will be developed for the road sections and transport facilities planned by the capital repair program for 2022-2023, which will ensure the normal course of the planned works. The decision proposes to allocate 580 million AMD to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.

The Government adopted a decision, by which it is planned to ensure the construction and design of a number of educational, sports and cultural institutions within the limits of 2,232,787.9 thousand AMD, as well as the improvement of property. As a result, the building conditions of a number of educational, cultural and sports institutions will be improved and provided with property.

The Government adopted a decision "On taking back property, accepting property as a donation". it is planned to attach 654 vehicles to the State Property Management Committee for alienating them in the future.


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