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PM Pashinyan gets acquainted with the performance report 2022 of the Ministry of Health


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Ministry of Health to participate in the discussion of the performance report 2022 of the Ministry.

Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan, Chief of the Prime Minister's Staff Arayik Harutyunyan, Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan, Deputy Minister of Finance Vahe Hovhannisyan, Head of the State Supervision Service Romanos Petrosyan, Chairman of the Urban Development Committee Armen Ghularyan, officials of the Prime Minister's Office, the leading staff of the Ministry of Health, other officials participated in the consultation.

Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan and deputy ministers presented the works carried out by the Ministry according to the sectors.

It was reported that in the current year, the implementation of programs of systemic importance in the healthcare sector continued. Among the key reforms, the process of introducing comprehensive health insurance has been launched, which will continue next year. The draft law on Public Health was developed, the "Health Services Quality Improvement Action Program" was approved at the beginning of the year, within the framework of which the process of revising the licensing conditions of medical institutions started, the implementation of quality improvement systems in medical institutions was outlined, etc. This is aimed at ensuring a smooth process of accreditation of medical facilities. In order to develop the human resources of the healthcare sector, the introduction of the licensing system for medical workers and doctors has been planned, and the bachelor's program for nurses has been launched in some universities. The programs for the control of tobacco use, healthy nutrition, promotion of physical activity, the measures planned by the “National immunization program 2021-2025” continued, the "Viral hepatitis prevention and control program" was successfully implemented. The range of infectious disease prevention and treatment programs has been expanded.

It was noted that the scope of the state program to overcome infertility was expanded, and the parents of the fallen servicemen also became beneficiaries. 105 babies were born in 2022, 28 of them in the families of fallen servicemen. In 2023 the list of beneficiaries will be expanded, and rural citizens aged 30-35 will be added. As part of the primary health care reform program, a new bonus system has been developed, the system of home visits has been changed, and there will be new procedures for family doctors. 3 pilot programs will start in 2023 in Yerevan and regions. The scope of screening programs for the prevention and early detection of non-communicable diseases has been expanded to include 2 more: mammography and colorectal cancer. In the framework of e-healthcare, 14 registries, 3 disease registries were digitized and introduced in medical institutions. Since June 2022, drugs are prescribed in the centralized system by electronic prescription. A number of registries, ambulatory records, etc. are under development/implementation.

The prevention and treatment of diseases with the highest mortality rate were in the center of attention in 2022. In particular, within the framework of the fight against malignant neoplasms, the services provided in the last 4 years have increased 3.5-fold, for cardiovascular diseases - by 2 times. It was noted that the treatment of cerebrovascular paralysis, the Stroke program, which is available in Yerevan, was also introduced in Gyumri in 2022, it is planned to introduce it in Goris and Vanadzor in 2023. Mental Health Protection and Improvement Measures for 2022-2026 have been expanded. The introduction of a unified system of emergency medical care has begun. Within the framework of the process of modernization and optimization of health facilities, construction/reconstruction of at least 50 medical organizations is planned, of which 20 hospitals, 10 polyclinics, at least 20 rural outpatient clinics and 2 regional branches of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Various construction works are underway in 14 medical centers, which will be equipped with appropriate medical equipment and property after being commissioned. In 2023, it is planned to develop design estimate packages for 20 village medical clinics, Jermuk health centers, 10 city polyclinics and 3 hospitals. Optimization is being carried out in a number of medical institutions, within the framework of which it is planned, among others, to merge " Fanarjian Center of Roentgenology and Oncology" with "Radioisotope Production Center”.

In response to the Prime Minister's question about the coronavirus situation, the Minister of Health reported that the coronavirus is already considered an infectious disease and was included in the list of vaccinations provided by the National Immunization Program 2021-2025. According to the minister's assessment, in terms of the coronavirus, public immunity in Armenia is quite high, and outbreaks are not expected.

During the exchange of ideas, issues related to the performance report and upcoming plans of the Ministry of Health were discussed.

The Prime Minister noted the importance of a comprehensive health insurance system and instructed to present options for expedient financing mechanisms. In the context of the successful introduction of the system and the development of the sector in general, Nikol Pashinyan emphasized the consistent introduction of high quality standards. "Physical infrastructure, professional capabilities and content infrastructure - these are the key factors, the proper provision of which will allow providing high quality health services to the public," said the Head of Government.

The Prime Minister of the country referred to the state program for overcoming infertility and emphasizing its strategic nature, instructed to develop proposals to for doubling its beneficiaries. Nikol Pashinyan also instructed to keep the capital construction projects and the observance of the established schedule in the center of attention.

The Head of the Government emphasized the continuity of measures in the direction of disease prevention, development of health tourism, export of services, promotion of healthy lifestyle, introduction of e-health, proper control over drug registration, circulation and sale, fight against smoking, change of the state order distribution system, expansion of screening programs.

The Prime Minister instructed to carry out active public awareness campaigns about the programs of the health sector, as well as to hold discussions in the format of interdepartmental interaction with partner structures on programs of mutual interest.



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