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Our response to the challenges should be asymmetrical, it should be expressed by the development and accomplishment of state institutions. Nikol Pashinyan


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the event dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the Constitutional Court. The President of the Republic Vahagn Khachaturyan, President of the National Assembly Alen Simonyan, Chairman of the Constitutional Court Arman Dilanyan, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Karen Andreasyan, Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan, a number of representatives of the National Assembly, the Government and the judiciary also participated in the event.

In his speech, Prime Minister Pashinyan thanked the President of the Constitutional Court for organizing today's event and inviting him to participate in it. "Today is a very important day, and I want to thank the President of the Constitutional Court for initiating this meeting today and creating the opportunity to have this conversation. Because we have had many occasions to say that our response to challenges known to all of us, which are of concern to all of us, must be asymmetrical. The asymmetric nature of that response should be expressed first of all in the form of development and accomplishment of our state institutions. Because by and large, all the problems we have today can be divided into two parts. problems that have not allowed the state institutions to be accomplished and problems that have emerged due to the lack of accomplished institutions. And, in fact, all the issues on our agenda fit within these two boundaries. In this sense, the role of Constitutional Justice is very difficult to overestimate.

Constitutional justice is important not only to overcome situations, not only to show a way out of deadlock situations and to pave a way out, but it is also very important that Constitutional justice forms a thinking that is institutional in nature. I consider this one of the most important functions of Constitutional justice, in general, of the judicial system and all institutions, because in the end, we have had a certain way of thinking having no independent statehood. Since we have gained independence and statehood, the most important function of all our institutions, in addition to solving day-to-day operational issues, should be to ensure the transformation of that thinking.

In that transformation, of course, the role of Constitutional Justice is extremely important, and I also hope that today's meeting, discussion and context has exactly this meaning, which should be expressed not only in our actions, but also in our verbal reasoning.

Recently, during a discussion regarding the state and its thinking, even at the level of conversations, debates and discussions, we realized that until today the relationship between the concepts of nation and people has not been resolved in our reality, while I think our Constitution has given that logic very clearly, because the people are the state-shaping unit, the state-creating institution, the characteristics of the nation are slightly different, which may not be directly related to the state, state institutions. Finally, let's record that its about the entity adopting the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia. The term "constitutional" refers to the people, and this is stated in the preamble of our Constitution.

Also, Constitutional justice should be available, yes, not only as a practical application, but also as a research material, as a reading material. When summarizing the work from time to time, it is extremely important that the work done is made available both in the internet domain and printed publication. Of course, I am also convinced that in the future, students and researchers will find very interesting information in these studies, which is a very important link in the chain of formation of state thinking”.

The Prime Minister emphasized the symbolism and importance of the day, because, according to him, the Constitutional Court is one of the most important state institutions implementing Constitutional justice in our country. "The importance of the Constitutional Court is visible and we consistently make decisions, conduct and develop joint policies, the purpose of which is to endow the judicial system in general and the Constitutional Court in particular with the necessary conditions for the implementation of its institutional functions. If there is an occasion to list what has been done lately, we will have quite a long list.

Dear Chairman of the Constitutional Court,
Dear judges of the Constitutional Court,

Let me thank you once again for organizing today's event and for the invitation to participate in it. I would like to wish all of us success on the way to strengthening the institutional capabilities of our state and strengthening the organic connection of our state institutions and the founder of the state, the people. Because, I think, it is this connection, this communication, that should give us all confidence and instill confidence in the people that by creating the state, the Republic of Armenia, it has created a tool with which it will be able to ensure its own security, well-being, justice, equality of all before the law and the Constitution, and, by and large, the rule of law. I think our gathering today is about all of us reaffirming, expressing our commitment and loyalty to this path," the Prime Minister said.

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