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I want all of us to perceive the school as a runway, through which the children's flight over their dreams will begin. Prime Minister


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On the occasion of the Knowledge Day, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the newly built school after Tigran the Great in Ptghunk settlement of Armavir Province and primary school No. 18 after Muratsan in Yerevan this morning.

The school of Ptghunk settlement of Armavir Province was built within the framework of the Government's program of 300 schools, 500 kindergartens. The Prime Minister was present at the event dedicated to the debut of first graders, congratulated everyone on the Knowledge Day.

In his speech, Nikol Pashinyan noted that this is his third visit to Ptghunk secondary school. "The first time was when we were probably returning from a regular working visit, when we learned that a group of residents of Ptghunk had something very important to say. Although it was late, we decided to stop, and the residents said that they just want to show us their school. We came here, and of course, what we saw was very painful, to be honest. Of course, I couldn't say anything other than that we will definitely build the school. After that there was a government decision, Ptghunk’s school was included in our programs. If I'm not mistaken, I also visited the construction site last year to see how the works were going. And today, we are here for the opening of the school, which is a very important event.

It was mentioned here that this is a historical event, which of course is in this context, but I would like the opening of schools to become an everyday event for us, because history has yet to be created inside this school. This is just a job, this is just a duty, a minimum duty of the government, of the regional administration, of local self-government bodies.

I really want the opening of the school, these solemn events, where high-ranking officials are present, not to be a historical event for us and it will not be a historical event. The historical event will begin after we leave here, when our children, teachers will start their history and it will not end in school. On the contrary, I want us to reformulate our attitude towards school. I want all of us to perceive the school as a runway, as a springboard, after which and through which the flight of these children will begin, the soaring of these children, and they must be able to fly over their dreams. This is my message that I want to convey today.

It was also very nice that the children's performance was called "The School Road", because I remember saying that school is not the only part of the school project. It is very important which way the children will come. And I want, when the doors of the school are opened, the children come here on a well-maintained, marked road, because this, first of all, is the attitude of the state towards children, citizens.

Of course, we haven't gotten in yet. I hope we won't notice any observable defects inside, but at least up to this moment I see that the assignment has been carried out exactly." Nikol Pashinyan thanked the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, the Territorial Development Fund, the builders for the work done.

"Dear children, dear director, dear teachers, this space will be handed over to you. This is just a technical phase, the substantive phase starts today. I want the next time we come here, we will see a living space, a space that shapes children's thinking, development, reveals their talent, which will be tidy, covered with flowers and cared for. I want children to change their attitude towards school. That process, by the way, is going on in Armenia: once, the school was a place from which children rushed home. Now we must do everything to make the school a place where children want to go to bed early, wake up early to go to school. Of course, the building is very important, but the building was never the goal and is not the goal. The building is a way to give children an opportunity to create their own success story and through their own success story, the success story of their Motherland, their country.

Dear children,

I congratulate you on September 1, I congratulate you on the commissioning of the school building, welcome to your home. I want you to make this home shine with happiness," said the Prime Minister.

Touring the newly built school, the Prime Minister familiarized himself with the created conditions. According to the representatives, the design works of the school started in March 2019, construction works in September 2020, ended in December 2022. The construction works were carried out with the funding of the Asian Development Bank. A total of 1 billion AMD were allocated for the construction of the school. In addition to the construction, the school is also equipped with new property, for which 14 million 238 thousand AMD were allocated from the state budget of Armenia. Building conditions meet modern educational requirements. The school also has a yard area. 118 students will study at the school in the new academic year.

The Head of the Government also visited the Muratsan primary school No. 18 in Yerevan, again attended the event dedicated to the first graders' debut.

The Prime Minister toured the school, which was thoroughly repaired and reconstructed within the framework of the school seismic safety improvement project, and familiarized himself with the created conditions. Those in charge presented that in the area of the former building built in 1932was 2,881.2 square meters, the electric power station of the Shengavit administrative district was located inside the building, endangering the school environment. Before the reconstruction, the school had 383 students. The area of the reconstructed building is 3800 square meters. It is completely built with reinforced concrete structural solutions. The seismic resistance of the building is calculated for a 9 point earthquake. During the reconstruction, the front wall of the former building, which has historical and cultural value, was preserved. The reconstructed school has two gymnasiums, a shooting range, a kitchen, a canteen, a banquet hall. The school is equipped with a solar plant, heating systems, video surveillance devices, security equipment, ventilation, hot and cold water supply systems. The school is designed for 430 students.


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