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There will be no compromise regarding the quality of school construction. The Prime Minister visits the newly built school of Katnaghbyur


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the newly built primary school in Katnaghbyur, Kotayk Province, and familiarized himself with the completed works.

The construction works of the school started in November 2020 and ended in July 2023. The construction was funded by the state budget. 712.3 million AMD was allocated. 18 million 660 thousand AMD was allocated from the state budget for the acquisition of school property. Improvement and fencing of the territory, installation of solar panels, internal engineering systems were also carried out. 180 students attend the school this academic year.

The Prime Minister congratulated those present on the occasion of the opening of the school and noted. "We were here a few months ago and agreed that the school will be ready on September 1. We visited several schools yesterday, today and the day before. Yesterday we visited four schools, the day before - two, which are newly built. With these visits, we not only express our joy, but also try to see what problems there are that we need to solve."

Nikol Pashinyan emphasized that there will be no compromise regarding the quality of school construction. "Today we record that we have work to do. Of course, in all places there are certain construction defects that must be corrected. Yesterday we agreed that in general this is our principle that especially in the field of school construction, we will not compromise on the quality of construction. In other words, everything must exactly comply with the technical task set by the Government."

The Prime Minister added that the Government is trying to introduce a new construction culture. "For example, this modular school project. This type of school has never existed in the Republic of Armenia. This is an important detail that we often don't notice, but it is a fact. In other words, we have never had a school like this, with such a design, such an architecture, such a content logic, and therefore it is normal that we are learning as we go. In the near future, we will solve the issue of laboratory equipment, there is a problem with sports equipment in some places, we recorded a problem with the irrigation system. It's okay, all this will be corrected, we will also make the necessary changes in standard designs."

According to the Prime Minister, in general, the reaction to the Government's projects, especially the modular school, is positive. "Of course, the schools still need to respond to this project, but my initial impression of the projects we have is that the response is generally positive. Some additional works will be carried out, but in any case, our understanding is that it is possible to organize a high-level educational process in these building conditions, and we expect this from the school."

Referring to the issue of teachers' salaries, Nikol Pashinyan noted that starting from September 1, the salaries of teachers teaching in STEM subjects, teachers of remote schools and schools with student shortage were also increased, regardless of voluntary certification. "But voluntary certification is very important for us. Dear principal, dear teachers, you should know that your salary has at least doubled. It is not from September 1, but from the moment you decide it, because the Government has created that opportunity for you. We say go ahead and take your at least doubled salary. It is very important because that voluntary certification should also record the teacher's compliance with the new standard of general education that we have adopted. It is very important to conduct a harmonious policy in this area, to be in harmony with each other: the Government, pedagogical staff, local self-government bodies. No matter how highly we have always talked about the school, we have always underestimated the school. The primary function of school is to teach the child how to provide for his and his family's well-being in adulthood.

We must teach the child how to live well. We must say to the child: dear ones, you must live well, you must live prosperously. This, in my opinion, requires four things. The first is knowledge, skill, I said yesterday that knowledge is not just knowing information, which is also very important, knowledge is the ability to get the necessary information as quickly as possible at the necessary time. You need to be physically strong, both boys and girls need to be mentally strong to be able to face life's trials, about which, unfortunately, life does not tell us in advance.

And fourth, you must be hardworking, have special respect for work. Moreover, you should know that there is no such thing as a bad job, any job is good and worthy of respect. Both parents and teachers want their kids to get into higher educational institutions and this is normal. But also, if we look at the issue not only from the point of view of the diploma, but also from the point of view of well-being, it is not at all a fact that it is higher education that ensures well-being for every child", said the Prime Minister, adding that one of the meaning and goals of school is also to discover in every child the best talent that will provide him with prosperity and consequently, economic development.

The Head of the Government also referred to the standards of performance of the national anthem of the Republic of Armenia and noted that it should be performed very often in schools. "I have been to five or six schools in recent days. all our events start with the national anthem and we have heard six different versions of the national anthem of Armenia at six different speeds. This is also a problem, the national anthem cannot be performed at one tempo in one state institution, but at another tempo or with a different text in another institution."

The Prime Minister highlighted the Government's program to build 300 schools and expressed hope that more new schools will be opened in the near future. "Particularly, we expect that newly constructed or reconstructed schools will be opened in the near future. We are waiting for the completion of the construction of primary schools 111 and 122 in Yerevan, secondary schools of Jrarat in Kotayk Province, and of Medovka in Lori Province. Yesterday, we agreed that we will visit with such a representative team to share the joy in all schools, but also to learn what we need to correct in our work, so that in the next stages everything will be in place from the very first days of the opening," Nikol Pashinyan said.

Addressing the students, the Prime Minister once again urged to take care of the area and create a pleasant, comfortable and friendly environment, which is also a part of the educational process.

"I want to once again congratulate everyone on the occasion of the start of operation of this school and wish everyone success. Glory to the martyrs and long live the Republic of Armenia," Nikol Pashinyan concluded his speech.



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