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We want our children to leave school mentally strong, physically strong and psychologically strong. the Prime Minister visits the newly built primary school No. 1 in Yeghegnadzor


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the newly built primary school No. 1 in Yeghegnadzor and got acquainted with the conditions created for the students.

The construction works of the school started in August 2019 and ended in January 2023. The cost of construction works was 1 billion 380 million AMD. The school is designed for 630 students, currently 597 students study here.

The Prime Minister congratulated those present on the occasion of the opening of the school and noted that this is his third visit to this school. "You know that we attach special importance to education, schools, infrastructure development in general. We really want this school and the series of schools to be opened to really change a lot in the lives of students, in the lives of teachers, in the life of the country, and in the life of the community, because, really, everything starts here”, Nikol Pashinyan said.

According to the Head of the Government, of course there is a lack of laboratory equipment in the newly opened schools, but by the end of the year this shortage will also be eliminated. "By and large, the school must constantly develop. It is important to change these properties at the right time. New technologies, approaches are coming, and we must do everything so that the proper conditions of education are not related to whether the school is newly constructed or not so newly constructed. I mean, it's a constant process. There should be new textbooks, and the environment should be constantly developing," the Prime Minister said.

Addressing the schoolchildren, Nikol Pashinyan expressed hope that in the new school they will gain new energy to organize their future life. "We study various subjects at school: mathematics, Armenian language, foreign language, literature, history, etc., but by and large, at school we learn to organize our lives, at school we learn to live. And this is the most important thing," the Head of the Government emphasized, adding that teachers should know what the government expects from them. “We want our children to leave school mentally strong, physically strong and psychologically strong. These three issues are extremely important because, wanting to see children strong in mind, strong in spirit and strong in body, we want to have a community that is also strong in mind, spirit and body and a state that is strong in mind, spirit and body. This is where it all begins.

Definitely, it is very important that no barriers arise between children and education. It is very important that we make the process of education for our children as pleasant as possible, as inclusive as possible, as playful as possible, so that they perceive education not as a heavy responsibility placed on their shoulders, but as a pleasure, an environment, a normal process of life where everyday they are more satisfied with themselves, with their image, with what they have done, with what they know and with the skills they have acquired."

At the end of the meeting, Nikol Pashinyan once again congratulated the children and noted. "I just came to see you, to congratulate you and to make sure that everything is done correctly, everything is done with quality and to wish you good luck in the entire educational process."

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