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By the government's decision, the AOKS building was assigned to the State Property Management Committee


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A regular Cabinet meeting took place today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The members of the Public Council on the Rights of Children and Youth adjunct to the Human Rights Defender were present at the Cabinet meeting. The Prime Minister noted that the participation of the Council members in the Cabinet meeting is symbolic and is also conditioned by the anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted on November 20, 1989. "The Council consists of 21 members, 13 of which are present at today’s meeting. The Council is made up of children. I would like to emphasize that UNICEF supports the formation and activity of the Council, and the representative of UNICEF in Armenia, Christine Weigand, is also present at the session. They will have full participation in our session today. Dear children, I welcome you. As we have agreed, during the discussion of each issue, you can ask questions and make speeches on an equal basis with the representatives and heads of the Government and other departments," said Nikol Pashinyan.

Moving on to the issues on the agenda, it was noted that the ownership of the real estate at 3 Abovyan Street in Yerevan was transferred to the Republic of Armenia. The Executive adopted a decision on assigning the real estate located at 3 Abovyan Street, Yerevan to the State Property Management Committee of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.

Referring to the adopted decision, Nikol Pashinyan noted that it is about the AOKS building representing historical and cultural value located on Abovyan Street in Yerevan, which was once illegally privatized.

The Government adopted a decision by which it is planned to allocate 2 billion AMD from the state budget to provide financial support for the month of November to 40,000 people forcibly displaced from Nagorno Karabakh since September 19, 2023. By the November 9 decision, the measure and the procedure for providing social support to cover the primary consumer needs for those forcibly displaced from Nagorno Karabakh were approved. Accordingly, it is planned to provide them with social support for the months of November and December: 50,000 AMD per month to cover primary consumer needs.

According to another decision of the Government, provision of social assistance for 6 months to more than 100,000 citizens forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh is planned: 40,000 AMD per month to rent temporary accommodation and 10,000 AMD to help with utility costs.

The Government adopted a decision by which it is planned to direct 87 million 696 thousand AMD from the funds allocated to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport in 2023 to the design and research costs of the "Academic City" project. Accordingly, the first payment for the development of the city's master plan will be made. As noted by Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Zhanna Andreasyan, the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on October 26, 2023 approved the acquisition of the relevant works from the consortium of the German "GMP International" architectural firm and the "National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia" foundation through a one-person purchase procedure, on the basis of which a contract had already been signed on October 30. According to the Minister, it should be implemented in two stages and through three tranches.

The Government adopted a decision, which plans to compensate the tuition fee of the 1st semester of the 2023-2024 school year for the students of the primary, secondary and higher educational institutions of Nagorno Karabakh, who were forcibly displaced from NK, in part or in full.



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