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"Make your state what you dream of and become like your state: free, strong, prosperous, happy." The Prime Minister attends the opening of the newly built school No. 122 in Yerevan


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the newly built school No. 122 named after Alexander Blok in Yerevan and familiarized himself with the conditions created for students.

The construction of the school started in January 2021. Currently, 821 students study here. The construction works were carried out within the framework of the Seismic Safety Improvement Program of the Asian Development Bank. A total of 1 billion 948 million AMD were allocated for the construction of the school.

The Prime Minister congratulated those present on the occasion of the opening of the school and stressed the importance of the event. "It’s believed that important events take place in government buildings, which is not wrong, of course, but I believe that the most important events for the future of our country from a long-term strategic point of view take place in such buildings - in schools, kindergartens, where visions of the future in the minds of the people who will implement those visions are formed. And in this regard, the creation of such schools, the formation of a suitable physical environment is extremely important, because I have said many times that urban planning and urban objects are factors that have a direct impact on our thinking, which should never be underestimated."

The Prime Minister thanked all the people who contributed to the construction of the school. The Head of the Government also thanked the Asian Development Bank for cooperation and expressed hope that the effective cooperation will continue and develop. Addressing the students, the Prime Minister said: "Today we are handing over the school to you and in fact you have to make the building a living organism. And I want the walls of this building to be permeated with the Republic of Armenia, the consciousness of the Republic of Armenia, recognizing and understanding of the Republic of Armenia, with the Republic of Armenia at the core. This is extremely important. I also want us to be able to ensure the following conditions in all our schools: every student leaves here physically strong, mentally strong and psychologically strong. I highly value all three factors. I attach great importance to that we should be able to discover and develop the talent of every child, because I believe and it is a fact that every child is an exceptional talent. We should be able to make the school a platform for discovering and developing these talents, this is, in my opinion, the biggest mission of the school."

Referring to the topics of motherland and patriotism, the Prime Minister noted that the motherland, patriotism, and the new model of patriotism have been discussed a lot recently. "I want to end my speech with a text, which aims to propose a thesis on a new model of patriotism and new ideas. I want to leave you with this thesis, this paragraph, and hope that it will give you something to think about. And the thesis is as follows.

"The motherland is the state.
Do you love your motherland?
strengthen your state.

You created it. Any of your ancestors has a direct connection to this state.
This is what makes the Republic of Armenia different from other states.

It is your inheritance, the inheritance of your children.
The Republic of Armenia is the result of your and/or your ancestors' work.
You decide the rules of living here.

Make your state what you dream of and become like your state. free, strong, prosperous, happy."

I congratulate everyone and wish you and our state to be free, strong, prosperous, happy."



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