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The model of formation of the Police Guard discussed with the Prime Minister


Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a consultation was held in the Government, during which the model of formation of the Police Guard was discussed.

At the beginning of the consultation, the Prime Minister noted. "I want to remind you that we imagine the new structure of the Police with 4 main pillars. The work of establishing the first of them, the Patrol Police, is already being completed. The concept of formation of Criminal and Community Policing has been discussed, accepted and we now have to make a decision on the formation model of the Police Guard. As a result, the planning work will be considered completed and the implementation phase will come."

It was reported that the bill on the Law on Police Guard is already put into circulation. Next, the direct functions, structure, territorial coverage of the Police Guard, the main tasks to be put in front of the Guard and other issues were addressed.

Various observations and recommendations were made on the basis of which the Police Guard model will be finalised.

Prime Minister Pashinyan once again emphasized the reforms implemented in the Police sector and emphasized the need to equip the Police Guard with modern equipment.


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