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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the US Secretary of State meet in Munich


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met within the framework of the Munich Security Conference.

In his welcoming remarks, Prime Minister Pashinyan said, "It is nice to see you today. We appreciate the dynamics we have in our bilateral relations. I think we have established a very effective partnership and started the Strategic Dialogue in 2019. This year is also important, we are looking forward to the meeting with our American partners with a rather extensive agenda. This will be a very good opportunity to discuss various issues to make our dialogue more effective. Of course, regional issues are also very important for our agenda. Unfortunately, at this moment there is a new phase of tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan, recently there was a new escalation, which caused big losses. Armenian soldiers were killed on the border with Azerbaijan. I would like to discuss this situation with you as well."

In his turn, Antony Blinken noted. "It is nice to meet you today, Mr. Pashinyan. Armenia is a very valuable partner for the United States, and we appreciate its commitment to lasting peace. We can also strengthen the ties between our countries in all directions. We have discussed all this with Prime Minister Pashinyan."

The interlocutors discussed topical issues on the agenda of Armenia-US relations, emphasized the consistent development of strategic dialogue.

Reference was made to the process of normalization of Armenia-Azerbaijan relations.

Nikol Pashinyan highly appreciated Mr. Blinken's personal efforts to support the negotiation process and dialogue, in the direction of ensuring peace and stability in the South Caucasus region. The Prime Minister reaffirmed the readiness of the Republic of Armenia to go for concrete solutions, particularly on the basis of the principles already publicly recorded in writing on international platforms.

Antony Blinken emphasized the willingness of the US to continue its efforts in the negotiation and peace process and expressed hope to continue the dialogue.

At the meeting, the sides also exchanged ideas on other issues of mutual interest.

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