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We must focus on solving and addressing the problems of Real Armenia and building all our policies, foreign or domestic, on that basis. Prime Minister


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A regular Cabinet meeting took place today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

During today's Cabinet meeting, Nikol Pashinyan referred to the numbers voiced by the opposition in the parliament regarding the outflow of information technology specialists and the increase in the number of particularly serious crimes. "One of the representatives of the opposition spoke about the events taking place in the field of information technologies. I pulled the statistics and the fact is that we have an increase in the number of registered IT workers in February 2024 compared to February 2023. The growth is not very big, but we still have growth. And the statement that IT workers are leaving Armenia en masse has nothing to do with reality. Although, on the other hand, you know that we had a meeting with a very large number of members of the sector and discussed what scheme of regulation of our policies we can introduce so that the information technology and technology sector of the Republic of Armenia become more attractive in general. In the near future, we will also discuss and make decisions," the Prime Minister specifically noted.

Referring to the increase in the number of particularly serious crimes, Nikol Pashinyan noted that it is also related to the changes in the legislation, based on which, for example, now a criminal case is initiated for all cases of sudden death. According to the Prime Minister, it should be noted that the fight against crime is a serious challenge and all necessary steps should be taken to make it more effective.

The Head of the Government also referred to the existing problems in the construction sector. Summarizing, the Prime Minister noted. "I want to emphasize that there is also the issue of the program and reality here. We fixed it in the pre-election program, we fixed it in the government program, we started the process, but the implementation of any thesis of the program is a path that we have to walk through. Moreover, no one can predict everything. We must also be responsive to the progress of our programs and face the situations we have. And that's where leadership comes in so we can make decisions as well. In this logic, I attach great importance to the concept that, in fact, I presented in the parliament: we should focus on solving and addressing the problems of Real Armenia and building all our policies, foreign or domestic, on that basis. This is the decision that we have made within the framework of our leadership, and we must record that decision and work according to this logic.

There are many problems, but who should solve them? We must solve these problems, and without hesitation. Of course, it is important that we fully master the content. This is also very important, because we have been using narratives for many years, at the national level, but we have not delved into the content and meaning of this narratives. It seems to us that how we understand or want to understand things, it's just that. But that's not always the case."

The Government made changes and additions to one of the previously adopted decisions, due to the need to ensure the implementation of the pilot program for the introduction of the insurance system in the agricultural sector for the agricultural year of 2024. As the Minister of Economy Gevorg Papoyan noted, in 2024, due to the withdrawal of the reinsurance company from the Armenian agricultural insurance market, the insurance companies could not take over the insurance risks in full, taking into account the high losses caused by climate change. In particular, it is planned to compensate each insurance company that is a member of the agency with 80 percent of the insurance compensated to the businessmen exceeding the amount of 70 percent of the total insurance premium collected by the insurance company. The minister noted that in 2024, the government will provide support for the operational and other expenses of the National Agency of Agricultural Insurers.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the adopted decision, but at the same time stressed the need to improve it. The Head of the Government added that mechanisms containing incentives for the development of agriculture should be introduced, which will be interesting for insurance and reinsurance companies.

The bill on making amendments to the Law "On Military Service and the Status of Servicemen" was approved. According to the bill, the methods of proper notifications to be given to citizens to appear at their military registration office within the framework of the organization and conduct of mandatory military service conscription, training camps and military exercises, as well as the scope of documents and circumstances confirming their receipt by the citizen will be clarified.

The government adopted a decision, with which it is planned, in particular, to increase the capabilities of reproductive assistive technologies in Armenia. It is also planned to create a simulation education center that will be equipped with the latest research, surgical, resuscitation equipment and future doctors will be able to develop their practical skills while learning.

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