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Activity report 2023 of Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan's office presented to the Prime Minister


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was presented with the 2023 activity report of Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan's office.

The head of the office of Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan presented the main directions of the works coordinated by the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as reported the work done within the framework of ministerial committees, councils and commissions in the reporting year.

Next, the advisors to the Deputy Prime Minister presented the progress recorded in the direction of public administration reforms, digitalization, cooperation with Armenia's development partners, and international economic integration processes.

Within the framework of public administration reforms, work was carried out in the direction of strategic planning, coordination of digitization processes and improvement of service quality.

The quality control of strategic documents being developed and their harmonization was ensured by the office. At the same time, in accordance with international standards, a new strategic management system was developed and the implementation of the latter was launched, as a result of which strategic management will become more effective.

Coordination of digitization processes was carried out by the Information Systems Management Council chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister. The works carried out in the direction of digitalization and quality improvement of public services were presented, including the progress of the introduction of the national identification system, the digitalization of services provided to the public according to the logic of "life experience".

The developments recorded in 2023 within the framework of cooperation with Armenia's development partners were also presented. In particular, reference was made to the works carried out jointly with the United Nations, the US Agency for International Development, and international financial organizations.

The works carried out within the framework of the Republic of Armenia-European Union cooperation were also reported to the Prime Minister, in particular, the progress of the implementation of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, the course of measures implemented under the five guidelines developed under the EU Economic and Investment Plan, and the agreements reached.

The works performed during the reporting year within the framework of the EAEU and CIS, as well as the activity of the intergovernmental commissions co-chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister, were also reported.

Prime Minister Pashinyan emphasized the importance of monitoring the implementation of sectoral strategies, the coordination of programs implemented by international partners with the programs of the Armenian government, and gave specific instructions regarding other issues.

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