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The Government approves the compensation procedure for disaster-affected families in Lori and Tavush


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A regular Cabinet meeting took place today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The Government approved the procedure for compensation of damage caused to individuals in the disaster zone of the floods that occurred on May 25-26 in Tavush and Lori regions. Accordingly, the beneficiaries of compensation for damages caused by the emergency situation, the primary damages subject to compensation, the conditions and procedure for compensation, the procedure for submitting an application and providing compensation based on it will be defined. After the approval of the procedure for compensation of primary damages, the Government will also establish the procedure for compensation of other types of damage.

The Government also approved the measure and procedure for providing social assistance to families affected by floods caused by heavy rains in Lori and Tavush regions on May 25-26. Due to the floods, around 250 families in those regions faced various social problems. In particular, due to the damage to real estate intended for residence or the loss of a family member, families have faced financial problems and are in need of social support. Accordingly, it is proposed to provide social support in the form of one-time aid to the families affected by the floods: 1,000,000 AMD to the families of the victims, and, depending on the area, 40-60 thousand AMD for each family member.

The Government has approved the pilot program for encouraging healthy lifestyles of school-age children in the regions of the Republic of Armenia, in order to ensure free swimming trainings for school-age children in the pools of the regions. In 2024 and 2025 the pilot program is planned to be implemented in 9 swimming pools. In the next years the selection will be implemented through a competitive grant announced by the Ministry. With the implementation of the program, 2 age groups of school-aged children will be engaged in swimming in the pools every year: the 1st group will include children aged 8-12 years, the 2nd group - 13-17 years old. The maximum number of trainees in Group 1 is 12 and in Group 2 - 10. The total number of beneficiaries is about 200. Their selection will be made through an open application to which schoolchildren living in the area where the pool is located can apply. The selection of applications will be carried out electronically, the selection of beneficiaries will be carried out according to the order of application. The children who will miss the chance will form a waiting group.

According to the decision of the Government, it is planned to increase the budget of the event "Road construction and medium repair works in Yerevan city" by 2 billion 500 million AMD. Within the framework of the event, amedium street repair works will be carried out in Ajapnyak, Shengavit, Malatia-Sebastia, Kentron administrative districts. Medium repair works will also be carried out in Kanaker-Zeytun, Avan, Arabkir, Davtashen administrative regions, for which co-financing is planned from the budget of Yerevan municipality.

The Government approved the bills "On Amendments and Additions to the Law on Trade and Services" and "On Amendments and Additions to the Code on Administrative Offenses". With the adoption of the bills, it is planned to regulate the requirements for the shelves in the case of selling dairy products by defining a color separation, that is, in the case of selling dairy products without milk fat, the separated shelf should be provided with green color, and in the case of milk fat substitute, with orange color, which is intended to prevent actions that mislead consumers.


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