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The final conceptual master plan of the "Academic City" presented during the consultation chaired by the Prime Minister


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A consultation was held under the leadership of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, during which the final conceptual master plan of the "Academic City" was presented.

Members of the Board of Trustees of the "Academic City" Foundation, Tobias Keil, Deputy Director of GMP International GmbH Architects and Engineers, which designed the master plan of the Academic City, and heads of concerned departments participated in the consultation.

Tobias Keil presented details on the architecture of academic clusters, research and experimental centers, cultural and sports facilities, as well as the residential district for students and professors, referred to solutions related to utility infrastructure, road and transport network. Tobias Keil noted that the "Academic City" is not just a university cluster, but a city for everyone and expressed hope that the conceptual master plan shows that this goal has been achieved.

Next, the director of "Academic City" Foundation Armen Simonyan presented the schedule of works related to the technical phase of the design for the next one year. According to that, the work of developing the schematic plan will start, the conceptual master plan will be adapted to the Armenian legislation, and works related to the socio-economic study, outlining roads, transportation network and utility infrastructures, geological survey, enlargement of universities, and the process of unification will be carried out.

A discussion was held on the above tasks, the participants of the meeting referred to the issues related to the interconnection of individual items of the schedule and the proper implementation of the works.

Nikol Pashinyan proposed to consider the possibility of organizing a conference on the implementation of the "Academic City" project next year and holding panel discussions in different directions. According to the Prime Minister, it will provide an opportunity to invite potential investors, organizations and discuss all possible issues and solutions. Tobias Keil, in turn, proposed to publicize the works and results of the "Academic City" and to organize public discussions about them.

The Prime Minister also highlighted certain works that have already started by the Government, such as the construction of road infrastructure, as an important stimulus for universities.

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