Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

Prime Minister congratulated the police officers of the Republic of Armenia on the 26th anniversary


Dear police officers, we are now in an important era in the history of the Republic of Armenia, where we all have to answer the most important questions about our past and future. As a whole, the Police Force and the Police Department are the most important State structures, whose activities, however, have very sensitive borders, very subtle lines, and an extremely important task is to see and understand these boundaries and state that going beyond the line is antidemocratic, and actions outside this border, beyond those fine lines can cause significant damage to the State and the people.

I want to make it clear that the law of the Republic of Armenia on police force clearly states that the activities carried out by the police are carried out on the basis of the principles of legality, respect for the rights of individuals and citizens, respect for freedoms. In exercising their rights, police forces should be guided by the need to protect the rights and freedoms of a person and citizen guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, on the basis of their equality, proportionality in the exercise of powers and the exclusion of arbitrariness, and pursue other goals set by law.

Our most important task is to organize the activities of the police and police forces of the Republic of Armenia in that very logic. As a matter of fact, an historical process of reconciliation between law-enforcement authorities and society is taking place in Armenia Unfortunately, there were pages in our history where a great abyss was set up between the citizens and police, between the people and police force, and the priority of our activity is to eliminate fill the gap, build bridges over this abyss so that the people and the police, the people and the police forces were united, on the same side of the line, served the same goals, guided by the same principles, dreams and joint forces, so that we all served for the development and strengthening of our country, our State, our Motherland and the Armenian people.

The police have so far been largely perceived in the context of political functions, but I want to emphasize that the police forces have a serious function in combating crime, protecting human rights, protecting public safety, and I am convinced that in this new situation the police forces will act within the framework of these functions.

I want to emphasize one more important fact: no one should doubt that the police forces, in those cases provided for by law and the Constitution will, if necessary, carry out their duties resolutely, completely and unconditionally for the full and decisive protection of the rights of citizens. The Police Force in the Republic of Armenia must serve the Republic of Armenia, the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the people, and the police forces in the Republic of Armenia will serve the Republic of Armenia, the Constitution and the people of Armenia.

I wish all of us every success in this service, because this is a new chapter not only for the people of the Republic of Armenia, the Armenian statehood, but it also opens up a new page for the Police and the Police Force of the Republic of Armenia.
The Police and Police Force of Armenia should be consolidated as a single fist, a single body, and the goals of the police, police forces and the people of the Republic of Armenia cannot differ from each other, because these goals are formulated in our families, in the eyes of our children, in the minds of our parents, in the desires of our parents, and our goals and dreams are generalized in the content of the mission of our martyrs. We all serve the Republic of Armenia, the Armenian people and, therefore, long live freedom, long live the Republic of Armenia, we are happy and our children as we live and will live in a free and happy Armenia. Once again, I congratulate you on the 26th anniversary of the formation of Police Force of the Republic of Armenia.

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