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Nikol Pashinyan attends unveiling of statue of Aram Manukyan


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the opening of the statue to State and public figure Aram Manukyan in Yerevan. In his speech, the Prime Minister stated in part, “Who is Aram Manukyan? Perhaps I will not be mistaken if I say that in his person we are dealing with the greatest missionary of our history, because his life and activity were not similar to that of a person who was born, lived and died, but to the one who was born for a great mission and, in the end, fulfilled this mission. It was truly a great mission, since he managed to forge a victory amid a protracted series of defeats, to find hope in a stream of despair, to find strength when it seemed that the wings were broken down; when it seemed that the knees went bending; when it seemed that the spine was broken. Aram Manukyan fulfilled his mission completely: he never lived for himself, his family, his relatives; instead he lived for his people, fought for his people, triumphed for his people, died as a result of a disease transferred to him from a migrant, homeless and broken people, and completed his mission. And I do believe that he sowed this mission to this land, and probably used to stand where we are standing now.

We have our mission - among the statesmen of the Republic of Armenia, public figures, all citizens of the Republic of Armenia, and this mission is to be worthy of Aram Manukyan, to be worthy of his mission and live a way to be able to look directly into his eyes every time we go by this monument and say: we have upheld your mission, Aram Manukyan, and your mission has not been left unfinished, your spirit is alive, your victory is alive, and the people of Armenia is victorious forever.”

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