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“We are sure to gain a victory in our common mission” – Nikol Pashinyan attends event dedicated to Armenian General Athletic Union Centenary


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended a gala event dedicated to the Centenary of the Armenian General Athletic Union (AGAU) at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater after Alexander Spendiaryan.

Congratulating all AGAU members on the Jubilee, the Premier considered it emblematic that the anniversary came amid dramatic political events in the Republic of Armenia.

“Let me state that the non-violent, velvet and popular revolution that took place recently in Armenia embodied the slogan of the Armenian General Athletic Union: “Rise and raise.” What happened in the Republic of Armenia? The poor, drooping citizen got up, rose and raised his homeland, the image of his homeland, his status in his homeland, and today the citizen of the Republic of Armenia stands firmly on his feet with a straight spine and a proud look. This is a very important achievement, but that is not all we want to achieve.

We must continue to realize our common motto and continue to rise and raise our homeland. It is not enough that today the citizens of the Republic of Armenia is firmly standing on his feet as they raised the reputation of their country and State. We hope that the citizens of Armenia will continue along this path; they will develop, soar and fly as high as our national dreams do. We are now calling on everyone: let us rise and raise the nation; we invite our Diaspora business people to come to Armenia in order to rise and raise their homeland, raise their civic consciousness, awareness of their obligations to the law, and rise within their personal, team, business achievements.

We are calling on State employees: “Rise and raise our homeland, rise in your service, not for personal motivations, but in your selfless service to our homeland and our people.” And we want to state that the growth of each of us should raise, and not lower others; do not let your compatriots down in the precipice of despair and on the path of emigration.

The Armenian General Athletic Union has played a very important role in our people’s history, and continues to develop athletic traditions among the Armenian people, continues its mission of preserving the Armenian identity. It is symbolic that the 100th anniversary of the Armenian General Athletic Union, which was founded in Constantinople, is being celebrated in the capital of independent and free Armenia. It symbolizes our vision of the future.

Just as the AGAU was able to rise from the steppes of Constantinople up to the Republic of Armenia over the past 100 years, in the direct and figurative meaning of this word, in the same way, we invite all Armenians to come to Armenia and raise the Homeland. This is our common mission, and we must succeed in it. And, therefore, long live freedom; long live the Republic of Armenia, long live our children and we as we are living and will live in a free and happy Armenia.”

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