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“Today we must accomplish economic, agricultural, educational revolutions, and each of you should be the leader” - Nikol Pashinyan meets with Ararat Marz residents


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited Yeraskh community as part of his working visit to Ararat Marz. The Head of Government called at the community school to get acquainted with the ingoing rehabilitation activities.

The head of the community said that the road leading to the school had been asphalted, the school cafeteria, where 116 pupils are studying, was also repaired and the necessary conditions were available for effective implementation of the Sustainable School Catering program. It was also noted that the government’s decision provided for the allocation of funds for the reconstruction of the community school and the establishment of a kindergarten in one of the buildings of the school. Construction work will begin in the near future.

Then Nikol Pashinyan met with community residents to listen to their problems, which concerned health care, providing educational privileges, improving the infrastructure of the community, etc. Addressing the residents of Yeraskh, the Prime Minister stated, in part: “We highly appreciate the fact that you are in the border zone and guard our border. I want to assure you that the solution of all problems is on our agenda. There are many problems, and they will not be solved immediately, but it is necessary to begin to solve specific problems with small steps. It is necessary to continue to work, because all problems must be solved through joint work. Our revolution occurred when we finally managed to realize that this cannot be done solely by a political leader. A revolution can happen when each of us takes a share in it, and the revolution occurred when all our citizens realized that their position was crucial irrespective of whether they wanted it or not, or should they take a step or not. And it is not by chance that the process that led to the change of power was called My Step. Now we are nearing another stage, namely how to address the problems of our country - social, economic? We must handle them in tune with the aforementioned scheme that we call My Step. The government should take its step, but either the citizens should take their step, starting with the simplest questions,” Nikol Pashinyan stressed that the main task of the government is to encourage labor, and every citizen has to complete a specific task in developing our country.

According to the Prime Minister, now all obstacles that limit business opportunities have been eliminated and it is necessary to continue working within the framework of the model laid in the basis of the revolution.

“We should not act as a government that distributes bread, but as a government that helps people earn their bread, because we believe that the Armenians are working people. All our problems will be solved owing to hard work and effort. Today, Today we must accomplish economic, agricultural, educational revolutions, and each of you should be the leader,” the Prime Minister underscored.

Then Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the house-museum of the National Hero of Armenia, Hero of Artsakh Vazgen Sargsyan. Accompanied by Vazgen Sargsyan’s brothers -Aram and Armen Sargsyans - Nikol Pashinyan toured the Museum. The Prime Minister signed the Book of Honorary Guests. The Premier also visited Vazgen Sargsyan’s father Zaven Sargsyan.

Nikol Pashinyan’s working visit to Ararat Marz ended with a meeting with the local population in the central square of Artashat. In his speech, the head of government, in particular, noted: “During my visits to the region, I seek allies, not in the party, political terms, but allies who are ready to bear their share of the burden of development of Armenia. Today I found an amazing ally during this visit, this ally - 84-year-old Knarik Mnatsakanyan with his 90-year-old husband. I met her at the entrance to the Ararat winery. It turned out that she and her husband have a vineyard at 7000 meters, and for several years now they have received 25 tons of grapes, which they give to the plant, providing 20 jobs and having the same problems as everyone else.

But in the person of Knarik Mnatsakanyan, I found a very important ally, who does not wait for someone to solve her problem, and the problem is not in the money. The problem is self-esteem, enjoyment of work. I consider allies of the future Armenia, the new Armenia all those people who consider work to be the highest human mission, who do not expect that someone will give them alms or help, and they are ready to create their own good.

We must ensure a high retirement pension, a high salary for the employee, but we must understand that the state budget is formed as a result of the work of working people. The policy of our government is to encourage the working people. Starting from January 1, 2019, the minimum pensions will be increased from 18,000 to 25,000 drams and will correspond to the minimum consumer basket. But if we want this pension to become more, the logic of work should act in the country.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that economic development is today the greatest challenge, and it can be solved if the economy follows the logic of the Armenian revolution. “The government has its share of effort, but we cannot succeed without your support. The revolution was not only the result of the efforts exerted by my political team and myself; the further development of our economy and our country is not the task of the government alone. The citizens of the Republic of Armenia should not ask for help, instead they should extend a helping hand, since we are bound to rise and raise others. This is the most important thing, and above all those who are creating added value should be appreciated in our country,” Nikol Pashinyan concluded.

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