Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

Address to the nation by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan


Dear compatriots,
My dear people,
Proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

As I said before, I am resigning today from the office of Prime Minister of Armenia. The purpose of this resignation is not to leave the post of prime minister, which means getting rid of the responsibility assumed before you, but to bring to completion our non-violent velvet revolution by holding snap elections and reinstating the people’s power.

The roadmap to early parliamentary elections is as follows: after my resignation, the President of the Republic of Armenia immediately accepts the government’s resignation. The Parliament fails to elect a prime minister twice over the next 14 days, due to which the National Assembly is dissolved, and the President calls preterm parliamentary elections.

During this time, the members of government will continue to fulfill their duties, I will continue to fulfill the constitutional powers of Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, that is, I will continue to be the guarantor of the people’s victory, and if you vote for our political team in December, I shall be reelected as Prime Minister.

Many are afraid and wonder if we are prepared for the scenario where Parliament nominates another candidate for the post of prime minister. I do not even want to say that the events of October 2 demonstrated that we are more than prepared for any scenario because not a single force can stand before the people’s will and wishes.

But now I do not want to think of any such scenario, because as much contradictions and heated debates we were to have with a number of parliamentary forces, I do not think that they may have an intent or purpose to act against the people and the national security of the Republic of Armenia.

Parliamentary forces have shown that regardless of all contradictions and misinterpretations, our statehood, its stability and security represent a red line for them, and I believe that they will never cross that line. Especially as the RPA, the Tsarukyan bloc and the ARF faction have publicly stated that they are not going to nominate or elect a prime minister.

I also want to tell the representatives of the parliamentary majority that while we have been criticizing them so far, we are not seeking and will never look for enemies in Armenia.

All the way through my political career, I have said and I want to reiterate now that I never had and will never have enemies in Armenia. Wishing all political forces every success in the proposed snap parliamentary elections, I would like to reaffirm that our government shall guarantee the free expression of people’s will during the elections.

Dear compatriots,

Although this resignation is of formal nature, the moment is truly exciting because we thereby recap yet another stage in our revolution and usher in a completely new era.

And now, looking back at the past five months of my premiership, I want to thank you for your endless support and trust.

I also want to apologize to all those whom I have disappointed by failing to meet their legitimate hopes. Nevertheless, my dear compatriots, you may rest assured that I am not indifferent and keep in mind all your grievances; all your dreams are in my heart: they give me wings and strength to stand in front of you, and state with confidence that everything will be OK; everything is going to be fine.

Be prepared for ever new victories, for building a powerful, free and happy Armenia.

I love you all. I am proud of all of you. I bow before you and kiss you all. And therefore,
Long live Freedom!
Long live the Republic of Armenia!
Long live our children who are living and will live in a free and happy Armenia!

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