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“Trust is the most important foundation on which to build New Armenia” - Nikol Pashinyan Sums Up Business Forum in Vanadzor


Summing up the My Step for Lori Marz investment forum in Vanadzor, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called it a meaningful event.

“This is indeed a new milestone. The idea should encompass all other areas. The Marz Governors saw that the events to come should not be inferior to this benchmark,” the Prime Minister said and thanked the organizers of the forum.

“The forum demonstrated that there are new business opportunities available in Armenia. We are ready to provide support in realizing these opportunities. We have good news in this respect: Ameria Bank offered its services in terms of assessing the risks of those promising investment programs worthy of attention. We agreed that upon receipt of their assessment, the government will give information on the most significant investment projects to attract investors.

I want to draw your attention to what is the key to economic revolution. Partner programs, or otherwise, the corporate programs used to be unsuccessful in Armenia. People often avoided them under the following logic: “I will open my business; I will be my own master, I do not want to have affairs with others.” However, here we saw dozens of projects that may be successful in the logic of partnership.

This statement has a turning point. Unfortunately, we often hear that the logic of partnership ends up in deception in Armenia, and in this sense a new logic must act in New Armenia. Any entity should first of all treat its partners with a sense responsibility. When communicating with potential investors, I can see that this inertia still exists. But I think that this is the result of the old thinking, and we should make every effort for the new logic to be effective in New Armenia.

There must be a new partnership culture, we must get out of the logic of deception, and people must stand shoulder to shoulder to achieve greater common success, attract new people and make new people part of this success. This is my most important conclusion from today’s discussion.

I wish all partners mutual trust. Many of you demonstrated their willingness to embrace a new vision of the world. The task of these people is to make the world perceived by them a reality in their village, their region, their homeland and their country.

I wish you every success along this path. I wish all partners mutual trust, which is the most important value. Mutual trust is the key to success in joint ventures.

I hope that the proposed investment programs will bring together new people to forge a new type of partnership, in which trust will continue to grow just as it has grown between society and the government. Trust is the most important foundation on which to build New Armenia.

We no longer live in a country where it is commonplace to deceive one’s partners. We live in a country where mutual trust is the most important principle, and it should be deemed as the groundwork for creating ever new values,” Prime Minister Pashinyan concluded.

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