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“I am convinced that the Armenian political miracle will be followed by the Armenian economic miracle” - Nikol Pashinyan attends Vanadzor Economic Forum


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today attended the “My Step for Lori Marz” investment business-forum in Vanadzor, which brings together numerous Armenian and foreign businessmen and investors.

Welcoming the participants, Nikol Pashinyan stated, in part: “The main issue in the air is whether the economic revolution us feasible in the Republic of Armenia and whether the government and the people of Armenia can succeed in what is internationally deemed to be an economic miracle? The answer to this question is evident. The nation that succeeded in what we can call a political miracle, can implement an economic miracle. The economic revolution is our most important priority, but we need to understand its indicators – new jobs, new income level and higher living standards.”

The Prime Minister added that the economic revolution first of all implies a new level of prosperity. “Let us see who can achieve it economically, who is the author of any result? The man is supposed to do this, and we want to encourage and support all those capable of creating added value. We can also encourage people by means of words. Unfortunately, in our reality, it is common to underestimate the word’s true value. As the first nation to have adopted Christianity, we should state that everything starts with words and thoughts, but not only with words, of course. Our next important task is to create real economic opportunities through regulations, eradication of monopolies and corruption, legislative reforms and improvements,” the Premier said.

According to the Head of Government, the political revolution came when every citizen of Armenia decided that they should block the streets where corruption and irresponsibility thrived. “The economic revolution must be carried out by every citizen of the Republic of Armenia. Everyone needs to block those conventional streets where poverty and despair thrives. We should agree that we must implement the economic revolution together, because the methodology of change should be the same. The new situation is different in that there are no unlawful and illegitimate guarantees: everyone is equal and no one can share the business responsibility with the government. No one can create artificial obstacles for business,” Nikol Pashinyan emphasized.

The Premier pointed out that the responsibility of economic revolution can actually be borne by courageous people, by those businessmen who are confident in their diligence, honesty and principles, who are winners of the kind. “I know that there are winning businessmen in Armenia. Indeed, the economic revolution is to be carried out with the help of brave people who believe in their ideas, powers and talents. I want to state that many of you have joined this forum by virtue of your trust in your power rather than in that of the government. I do believe that everyone sitting here knows that he is a winner; you know how to get richer and enrich others. First of all, I would like to thank you for your readiness, which is the strongest pledge. I am convinced that the Armenian political miracle will be followed by the Armenian economic miracle. I want to once again make public the motto of the economic revolution: “We have had enough sitting idle, let us get up and walk?” Nikol Pashinyan said.

More than 50 investment projects aimed at developing tourism, agriculture, industry, information technologies and other spheres in Lori Marz will be presented at the business forum. Panel discussions will be held within the framework of the conference.

An exhibition of local products is on with the participation of over 40 companies. Prime Minister Pashinyan toured the exhibition and got acquainted with the products on display.

The business forum in Lori has been initiated by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development and Marz administrations as part of this year’s regional business forums as sponsored by SME DNC. 8 more forums will be held this year in other regions of Armenia.

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