Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

Labor Day Message by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan


Dear compatriots,

Congratulations to all of us on the International Labor Day and the day of workers’ solidarity.

The Government’s chef objective is to carry out an economic revolution in the country. As with the political revolution, individual efforts are the key tool for us. That is, we will have to provide labor incentives, encourage people to work, act, engage in economic activities and believe in their strength and final success.

Our steps will be aimed at changing the economic behavior of each citizen both as the object and the subject of economic activity. We all must push ahead with the realization of this goal; we must straighten our backs, believe in our strength, get richer and enrich others through hard work.

The Government of Armenia will keep in the spotlight our workers’ rights, and we are going to take consecutive steps in this direction.

Our country should get rid of the status of a country with low-qualified labor force. Therefore, we will spare no effort to make Armenia a country with highly-qualified labor. To this end, the Government of the Republic of Armenia will implement measures aimed at improving the educational system in a bid to provide our state with highly-skilled workforce, so that when students leave universities, they may boast the status of a competitive specialist.

Dear compatriots,

The Armenians have always been famous for their hard-working nature, energy and creativity. I am convinced that together we will achieve our goals and will develop and improve our country with our work.

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