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“Hundreds of thousands of Armenian citizens have already become heroes in the political arena and they will have to do so in the economic sphere” – PM attends “My Step for Tavush Marz” investment forum


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Attended by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, an investment business forum, referred to as “My Step for Tavush Marz,” kicked off today at Monte Melkonyan Military Sports College in Dilijan.

Welcoming those present, the Prime Minister noted that it was the fifth such forum held in the regions of Armenia, and went on to elaborate on the purpose of those forums.

“Our main goal is to stimulate and encourage individual efforts for the development of the Republic of Armenia, because we are convinced that the individual efforts of the citizens of Armenia are the turning point, a phenomenon that should raise our country to a new level economically, politically and in all respects.

What do we mean by saying individual effort? We mean, for example, Artak Chibukhchian, the founder of the Apaga Resort company, who once decides that he should come from Russia to Armenia and set up an entity in the abandoned territory of Yenokavan community that might change community life, as well as the image of the Republic of Armenia. We mean businessman Andranik Ghazaryan from Idjevan, who achieved success in Ukraine, returned to Armenia, and soon a new offer in the form of an apartment building will appear on the Idjevan real estate market. We mean the founders of the Karahunj wine bar, because these people have traveled from the Diaspora and are creating a new reality in Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan said, adding that Hayrapetyan Brothers Company, which has been managing Lake Parz for many years, creating a new phenomenon - the harmony of nature and business.

“By saying individual effort, we mean exactly that, because change must surely be the government, but their fate is decided by citizens, and the government’s most important thing is to set an example of such people, inspire others and create opportunities to unleash people’s talent and give them a chance to materialize it. Note that the aforementioned individuals did not work in ideal conditions. On the contrary, all this was done by defying many challenges,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the government is taking steps to overcome existing problems.

“Today we are talking about lowering interest rates on loans, we have “cleared” the credit history of hundreds of thousands of people and eliminated monopolies. Now we are talking about people who have done something, overcoming poverty. We have initiated a TV project, referred to as “The Hero of Our Time,” which testifies that even today there are many individuals in our country, who achieved concrete results from scratch just because they were reluctant to give in to despair. I think we should introduce a new culture and talk about these people by name. Examples are very important: these people are the heroes of our time, and their examples should inspire others,” Nikol Pashinyan said and went on to cite the example set by founders of Teyan Armenian tea Astghik Galstyan and Vardan Arutyunyan, Yerevan potter Ruben Gevorgian.

“The latter was engaged in retail trade on the street, but he did not accept despair and now creates masterpieces. Not that he is a millionaire, but also not that money is the most important. A person at the end of the day is satisfied, because he understands that he created something, set tasks for himself, overcame despair, triumphed over the “street,” where people used to wait for 30 years for someone to prompt them to take part in election falsifications,” Nikol Pashinyan pointed out.

The Prime Minister also referred to the example of Rita Martirosyan, who was a teacher and moved to Geghard village, started the production of medicinal herbs; Samvel Gasparyan, who is confined to a wheelchair, however, decided that he could overcome his disability and make various wooden objects.

“A man works from morning till night. The meaning of this work is not only in how much he earns, but also in self-esteem, self-esteem and faith in his strength, so that a person does not sit with an outstretched hand and ask for something from someone, but believe in his own strength, respects himself and honors others. This logic is successful in Armenia, and I am sure that all these people will be successful. The work, which incorporates ideas, thoughts and concepts, will be successful,” the Premier stressed.

Nikol Pashinyan advised that this year the Central Bank’s dollar stock has reached the mark of 171 million U.S. dollars. “Over the past three days, this volume has increased by USD 40 million, which means that the economy’s blood vessels are open, and we need examples of individual efforts. Here work, creativity, belief in oneself, one’s country, one’s future, one’s talent are important. Every person is talented, exceptional, there are no talented people in the world and in Armenia, and the main task of our government is to help people discover their talent, believe in their talent,” the Head of Government underscored. The Prime Minister noted that it would be hard to overestimate the role of large business in the development of the economy, but in Armenia one way or another large business has already taken place, he will solve his problems.

“The government is also interested in the success of large business, but our task is to form a new large business. At the same time, in order to attract foreign investments, it is necessary to show that the Republic of Armenia is a country of talented people. It is necessary to support such people, including support with words and ideas, because in Armenia we managed to make enormous incredible political changes, which we achieved with the help of words and ideas. Let no one underestimate the power of words and ideas. We believe in words, in people, in citizens of the Republic of Armenia, and a citizen of Armenia must continue his triumphal procession,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister thanked everyone engaged in creative activity. “They are the heroes of our time, too. Our time is the time of becoming heroes. Hundreds of thousands of Armenian citizens have already become heroes in the political arena, and they will have to do so in the economic sphere” Nikol Pashinyan noted.

The forum’s purpose is to ease awareness among local and foreign investors about the economic potential available in the provinces, and introduce the tools that can lead to a favorable business environment, as well as the possibility of creating new efficient business models by attracting investment, establishing new business contacts, discussions and sharing experience. During the event, individual stands were set up to demonstrate the agricultural products, processing and other industries of Tavush Marz.

UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia Shombi Sharp, UNDP Resident Representative Dmitry Maryasin, as well as Head of the Cooperation Unit of the EU Delegation to Armenia Gonzalo Serrano de la Rosa attended the forum and delivered speeches.

Armenian government members, MPs, heads of international organizations, foreign ambassadors and consuls accredited in Armenia, Armenian and foreign businessmen and investors were in attendance.

In conclusion, Minister Nikol Pashinyan laid flowers at the monument to National Hero of Armenia Monte Melkonyan and paid tribute to his memory.

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