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“The Armenian army is to be the most combat-capable and intellectual army in the region,” - PM introduced to new military catering standards


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Accompanied by Defense Minister David Tonoyan and Chief of General Staff Artak Davtyan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited Army Unit N in Armavir Marz of Armenia.

The Head of Government first got acquainted with the ongoing construction and engineering activities, after which he met with servicemen. The Prime Minister said that the Ministry of Defense is testing a new catering standard for soldiers. “We came here to see how the process is proceeding,” the Premier said.

Greeting the military, Nikol Pashinyan said, “Dear cadets, you are starting one of the most important periods in your life. From now on, you will be serving the Homeland. I am convinced that your parents and relatives have advised you to serve the Motherland with honor and conscientiously. In addition to the well-known definition, I want to use this opportunity to explain the content that shows in practice what it means to serve the Homeland conscientiously. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that military service, the military profession is one of the most intellectual specialties. We often see military service in the context of uniforms, shoes, food, technical and logistical problems, which is extremely important, but we often do not notice that military service is one of the most intellectual activities . And especially when we are in this troupe, I want to draw your attention to this possibility: What is one of the most important tasks of a soldier's two-year service in general? The main content for a soldier is that he must study military affairs here. This means that in the army, in the troop, our soldiers acquire a lot of new knowledge, they acquire new skills that can accompany you throughout your life, whether you continue to do your service or not.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that the army service is in a way a period of learning. “And one of the important priorities of our government is to ensure that the soldier’s training period is as effective as possible, so that our soldiers could be at a much higher intellectual level at the end of his military service,” the Head of Government pointed out and urged the military not to miss the opportunity of getting new knowledge during their army service, and try to understand the military art.

“It is a great opportunity for you to learn tactics and strategy. Strategic and tactical thinking is not just a skill used during warfare, just because our life, our activities, whether military, civilian or otherwise - our whole life is built on tactical and strategic decision-making skills, on the ability to assess the situation and the ability to navigate the situation. These are pillars on which the military art is built,” Nikol Pashinyan said, noting that skills acquired during military service should help them throughout their lives.

“Therefore, the main task of our government, the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff is that these skills, this tactical and strategic thinking, the ability to assess the situation, the ability to make decisions you accompany you throughout your life, because the quality of your future life depends on your ability to act in accordance with such thought patterns in civilian life. And, of course, these skills are much more important to do the military service, to defend the homeland,” the Prime Minister said, adding that this should help the military to defeat not only the enemy, but also all the challenges of life to come.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, the Armenian army is the main place where citizens of the Republic of Armenia learn the art of winning and the ability to win.

“I am convinced that each of you has the talent of the winner and that the armed forces should be able to help you discover this talent. Another consideration: I think we should set ourselves such a goal at the political level and say, yes, the Armenian army should be the most combat-capable army in the region, but to my mind, the way to achieving that goal is as follows: the Armenian army should be the most intellectual army in the region. For this to happen, Armenian society should be the most intellectual society in the region, and the Republic of Armenia should be the most intellectual state in the region. And we should be able to make specific tactical and strategic decisions in everyday life, accurately assess the situation and make accurate and timely decisions,” the Head of Government said.

The Prime Minister wished the soldiers every success in the service of the Motherland and emphasized that the army service is not limited to two years of military service at all.

“Each of us, finally, gives a new meaning to his life when he serves his country, whether as a soldier or as a minister, general, journalist, prime minister, businessman, worker, because there is no glorious mission other than that of serving the Motherland and that there is no joy greater than the joy of victory under the Armenian flag, than the joy of victory for the Motherland. I see you are a winner, you are proud, you are brave, strong and you are a soldier. Please bear the name of soldier with honor: do it not only for the nation, but also for yourself, so that you could be proud of having worn the uniform, that your children might be proud of you. I am proud of you today and I am grateful to you,” Nikol Pashinyan concluded.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister had dinner with the soldiers in order to get acquainted with the new army catering standard. After tasting the food, the Premier noted that the difference is immense. “There is a huge difference in quality. I can see that high-quality food is offered to servicemen, the range and quality of which is quite high,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

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