Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s Congratulatory Message on March 8


Dear women, mothers, sisters, daughters - proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia, I heartily congratulate you on International Women’s Day. This beautiful spring holiday is one more reason to express our respect and boundless love for you.

This day is not just an occasion to say kind words and give flowers to our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, but an opportunity to once again emphasize the symbolic significance of this day.

Despite the fact that our country is not facing obvious problems associated with the protection of women’s rights, raising issues of women’s rights is always expedient. Unfortunately, we can still witness instances of violence against women, which is inadmissible and unacceptable, especially in the context of our nationwide vision of a non-violent society.

Our task is to increase the level and quality of measures to protect the rights of women, which in the end should lead to their prevention and elimination by the competent authorities.

Women have to play a crucial role in new Armenia as evidenced by the fact that two years ago it was the civic activism of women that allowed us to implement historical changes in Armenia.

Women should be active in both political and socio-economic terms in new Armenia; they should have more opportunities for political, social and economic leadership. This is one of our government’s most important priorities.

No coincidence that many women are successfully working in the highest levels of public administration, and I do believe that their number will gradually increase.

Dear women,

Our government will be consistent in addressing the problems raised by women and will initiate such programs as may expand women’s opportunities to fully develop their potential in family life and public activities.

Reiterating my congratulations on this important holiday, I wish you professional achievements, new initiatives and family warmth.

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