Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

PM Nikol Pashinyan’s Congratulatory Message on Republic Day


Dear people, proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia,
Proud citizens of the Republic of Artsakh,
Proud Armenians of the Diaspora.

Congratulations to all of us on Republic Day!

After taking control of Alexandropol on May 15, 1918, the Turkish vanguard forces reached the village of Sardarapat on May 21: it seemed that they would inevitably enter Etchmiadzin and Yerevan, and the rest of the Armenians were doomed.

The situation was critical. However, it was necessary to stand up to the deadly attack. Aram Manukyan was the one to embody the fighting spirit and the strength of the Armenians. Always fair and decisive, Aram used to say in those days of despair. “Let us all get down to work, and we are sure to be on the winning side!”

Despair soon changed to enthusiasm. In the heroic battles of Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa, the Armenian nation once and for all earned its worthy place on the world map. The May victories led to the establishment of the Republic of Armenia.

The heroes of Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa became the builders of Armenia’s independence. Eternal glory to Aram Manukyan, Tovmas Nazarbekyan, Movses Silikyan, Dro, Nzhdeh, Daniel and Poghos Bek-Pirumyans, Yezidi cavalry detachment commander Jhangir Agha! Glory to the Armenian army, the people’s volunteer corps fighters and clergy who fought with arms in hand!

On those heroic days of 1918, about 1500 men and women worked hard in the territory of today’s Yerablur to erect military fortifications on the initiative of Aram Manukyan. Yerablur was the defensive end of Yerevan. The victorious battle of Sardarapat prevented Yerevan from being captured, and Yerablur became a special place of pilgrimage years later to commemorate the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of Artsakh.

Today we are committed to the victorious contribution and message of Sardarapat and Artsakh, we believe that we will have the Armenia of our dream with a just and creative society striving for progress and change, a strong economy and an even stronger and more modern army.

Dear compatriots,

Aram Manukyan used to say. “…you must know that I am powerless without you. The entire Armenian nation is a hero, and our efforts will go in vain unless people want ... to work and save the Armenians from impending doom.” Therefore, let us all get down to work for the sake of the Armenia of our dream!

I am convinced that the victorious citizen of the Republic of Armenia will never again allow the loss of statehood or citizenship, the loss of our sovereign rights, the loss of faith and optimism.

The Republic of Armenia must exist on the planet Earth forever, the flag of Armenia must fly high forever, symbolizing our spirit and pride, our freedom and sovereignty.

Long live Freedom!
Long live the Republic of Armenia!
Long live the Republic of Artsakh!
Long live the heroes of Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan, Gharakilisa!
Long live the founding fathers of the First Republic!
And long live us and our children who live and will live in a Free and Happy Armenia!

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