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Congratulatory Message by PM Nikol Pashinyan on Knowledge and Schooling Day


Dear schoolchildren and students,
Dear teachers and parents,

Congratulations on Knowledge and Schooling Day!

The coronavirus-caused epidemiological situation prevents us from visiting schools on this memorable day. I deeply regret that neither the first-graders will have the opportunity to step into their school buildings. Nevertheless, after analyzing the recent trends in the epidemiological situation, we decided to reopen the schools in a few days and resume the academic process with the maintenance of safety rules.

At the same time, I am glad that universities will partially resume their activities on September 1, and freshmen will enter a new stage of life to complement and enrich their professional skills. I would also like to thank all our teachers for mastering the tools of distance learning and successfully implementing them during the previous academic year.

Dear schoolchildren and students,

As I noted above in connection with the epidemic, we will have to strictly abide by the prescribed safety rules so that schools do not become a hotbed of infection, and the educational process proceeds in a natural way. I am confident that through consistent efforts we will be able to defy the challenge.

The Knowledge and Schooling Day leads our way to the great future and to the accomplishment of our mission to make the world a better place for living. And in this regard, I wish to once again congratulate all Armenian schoolchildren, students and teachers on this nice holiday.

The Armenian government has repeatedly stated the need to build a knowledge-based economy and raise the quality of education. The development of the educational system is central among our priorities as we believe that economic and political growth cannot be achieved without fundamental educational reforms, bearing in mind that reform is impossible without broad public participation. This is the only way to raise the economy, train competitive workforce for the labor market and improve the quality of life.

A major challenge for us is to ensure interconnectivity between educational institutions and the labor market, and we have a lot to do in this direction.

Teachers and scholars should be seen as a source of inspiration; they should be pioneers in the field of innovation. I am convinced in our ability to build the educational system of our dreams, which, in turn, may help us achieve the strategic goals proclaimed by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

Dear schoolchildren and students,

Any new knowledge is supposed to help us grow more innovative in order to change the world, change the country, our towns and villages, and eventually change our life for the better. This is a common mission on our way to overcoming the challenges and moving ahead.

Please follow confidently the new course of life for your own benefit and that of your parents, for the sake of the progress of our people and state.

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