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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's speech in the National Assembly


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Dear president of the National Assembly, dear deputies of the National Assembly,

As it is well known, around 07:10am this morning, the Azerbaijani armed forces launched a large-scale offensive on the positions of the Defense Army of Artsakh. First, an artillery and rocket attack was launched, after which, heavy military equipment was used, and all the positions of the Defense Army, along the entire line of contact, were targeted.

This is Azerbaijan's attempt to resolve the issue of Artsakh through military means and to occupy it; this is an clear act of aggression.

Taking into account that the current military and political situation entails an immediate threat of an attack also on the borders of Armenia, the Government of the Republic of Armenia has declared martial law and general mobilization. I would like to inform you that at the moment, the first steps are being carried out, specifically a partial mobilization, so that we are prepared to have an effective and operational response to the situation when needed.

I would also like to inform you that at the moment, the Defense Army of Artsakh is fighting along the entire line of contact, especially in the north, northeast and southeast regions of Artsakh. The situation is tense. I understand that we are all concerned to know the details of the situation. Unfortunately, we have casualties. In effect, since civilian infrastructures were also targeted from the beginning, we have casualties not only among the military, but also among our civilians.

Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh, and other settlements were also under heavy attack - the Defense Army is resisting Azerbaijani attacks and aggression. The situation is developing. With regards to the assessment of the current situation, our military has stated that the situation is tense, but it is too early to give a full assessment.

We need to acknowledge that from a strategic perspective, there is nothing unexpected about what happened. Why? Because in fact, the context of the story is the following: our people are faced with a dilemma, and the same dilemma continues and will continue to exist - we are presented with a choice, to either renounce the rights of the people of Artsakh or to fight a war. In other words, I want us to state very clearly that during all this time, this has been Azerbaijan's position in the negotiation process, for many years. Either we renounce the rights of the people of Artsakh, their right to be Armenians, their right to self-determination, or we fight a war. And it is this context that brings us to such a conflict today.

The Republic of Armenia, and the Armenian people, must stand firmly and unequivocally to protect the rights of the people of Artsakh, and the rights of Armenian people in general. There is no exaggeration in saying that this is another, and perhaps the most important milestone in our years of struggle for survival. We have to answer a simple question: do we have the capability to defend the right of our people to exist or we do not have the capability? Do we have the determination, that in spite of all intentions and shifts in balances of power, that we will defend the right of the Armenian people to exist in their historical homeland, something that has been challenged for centuries by forces known by you all?

Dear deputies, dear compatriots,
This is a decisive moment, we must stand firmly with Artsakh today, we must stand firmly with our Armed Forces today, we must demonstrate that we have enough will and determination to defend our right to life, and I want to emphasize that the will and determination are the most important here. The will and determination are the most important here, all Armenians must unite to defend Artsakh. All Armenians must unite to defend our history, our homeland, our identity, our future and our present. And we will win. We must win, and for that, there is only one prerogative, that we promise ourselves that we will not retreat a single millimeter from defending our history, our people, our Artsakh, our future, our past, our identity, our values.

Long live the Republic of Artsakh!
Long live the Republic of Armenia!
Long live the Armenian Diaspora!
And long live the glorious Armenian Army that will defend the right of the Armenian people to live, to win and to prosper.

And we are united. And we must win. And today there is no soldier, no general, no deputy, no military. We are all soldiers of our people.
Even local or non-local failures should not distract us. We must stand firmly on our feet, defend our right to live on this land, on this sacred land.

Today, I have not come to tell you, as the Commander-in-chief, what our soldiers, and our generals are ready for.
Today I come to tell you what I am ready for.
I am ready to die for our homeland.

The Armenian people have not been brought to their knees and will never be brought to their knees. The Armenian people must stand on this land with a strong backbone and a clear mind. And when we say we are all soldiers, when we applaud these words, we mean one thing - old or young, male or female, employed or unemployed, today we have only one message to send to each other and to the world, we must look into each other's eyes and say, we are ready to die for our homeland, we will not give up our homeland by a single millimeter, we will not give up our rights by a single millimeter.
We have to win because we have no other choice to lose.

The Armenian people must exist forever.
The Republic of Armenia must exist forever.
Artsakh must live, Artsakh must be self-determined, Artsakh must be independent, powerful and proud, as it is today, as it has always been.
And so as we are gathered today, our session here is about unity, determination and victory.
Prepare yourself for victory.
Prepare yourself for dedication.
Prepare yourself for sacrifice, because this is a crucial time. And we are more united than ever.

And so, long live freedom!
Long live the Republic of Armenia!
Long live the Republic of Artsakh!
Long live us and our children, who will live in a free and happy Armenia, in a free and happy Artsakh.
Glory to the Armenian Army,
Glory to the Armenian soldier.
Thank you.


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