Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

“Everyone - for the sake of Artsakh, everything - for Artsakh, and we will triumph” - PM Nikol Pashinyan’s Address to the Nation


Dear people,
Proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia,
Proud citizens of the Artsakh Republic,
Proud Diaspora Armenians,
Brothers and Sisters.

It has been a month since the Turkish-Azerbaijani-terrorist forces unleashed a war against Artsakh and the Armenian people.

During this period, thousands of shells, rockets were fired and thousands of drones were used against the Defense Army and civilian population in Artsakh.

The adversary attacked with tanks, planes, helicopters, Azeris, terrorists, mercenaries, as well as Turkish and Pakistani special squads.

A month ago, they set themselves the task of taking Artsakh on the go, destroying Artsakh, and bringing its people to their knees.

Even though wounded, Artsakh keeps abreast first of all thanks to our heroic army, our heroic people, and the heroic Armenian man.

This cruel but heroic process gives us confidence. Artsakh will stand to the last because our spirit is unbreakable, our will is unshakable.

The war has entered a phase where every second of continued hostilities misleads and ruins the enemy who keeps breaking the ceasefire agreements and sees its illusions destroyed.

The military-political leadership of Azerbaijan has fed its own people with so many victorious news that they have been waiting for a long time, every day, every minute, every second, for the news of the fall of Artsakh, their final and irreversible victory.

However, the Azerbaijani society will not get that news, and the endless expectation of the news will destroy their plans to conquer Artsakh.

The people of Artsakh, the Armenian people, all Armenians will fight to the last for every tree, every stone, every centimeter and every millimeter, and an accurate counterattack delivered at the right moment will have the effect of a devastating collapse for the enemy.

The Defense Army has the task of awaiting the right moment in order to deliver a victorious blow, so we must support the Artsakh Republic and the Defense Army in their noble mission with everything we have.

To do so, we need an exceptional nationwide consolidation and discipline. During martial law, especially in combat conditions, everyone has to follow the logic of executing orders unconditionally and without discussion; those who fail to do so, or question our will to fulfill orders will be severely punished, held accountable and, most importantly, publicly blamed.

Nothing should serve an excuse for them, because the Homeland and the nation’s fate is at stake now; we cannot allow the loss of Artsakh or the eviction of Armenians.

Dear people,

I am aware that my yesterday’s address has caused a lot of controversy. And, frankly, it does not seem strange, I am even glad about it. The speech sought two objectives: to show the international community the Armenian side’s constructive approach and our people’s firm determination to fight for Artsakh’s legitimate rights. Both objectives have been fully met in a slightly unusual but quite effective way. And I want to thank you all for your perseverance.

And we need to turn the energy generated by yesterday’s speech into a specific task. Everyone should endeavor for the sake of Artsakh, and everything should be done for Artsakh. This is the logic that should be working these days.

Today the whole system of public administration is working to eliminate the organizational failures in order to make each unit’s efforts more effective.

Our capabilities are not unlimited, but the Artsakh Defense Army has sufficient weaponry and capacity to address the tasks set before it. Yes, we have many enemies in the world, but we also have friends who will stand by us in difficult times. We will never forget their valuable contribution. And especially against this background, we have to further strengthen our collective will, unite our efforts, nurture our determination and dedication, materialize our decision to protect our people’s rights, the right of the Armenians of Artsakh to self-determination.

This war must become an absolute priority for each of us, and we will triumph.

During this war, the international perception of the Karabakh conflict has changed a lot. The main international actors have come to accept and openly declare that Azerbaijan and Turkey are the aggressive side. The evidence of terrorists and mercenaries fighting on the side of Azerbaijan is a proven fact in the world.

This was made possible owing to proper diplomatic work and our constructive public statements. Today Azerbaijan is not prepared for compromise just as it used to be before. And this fact internationally legitimizes the right of the Armenian people to fight to the end, achieve and enjoy victories.

Let us agree that we will not be afraid of anything. We will not allow any internal or external force to sow discord or doubts about our free and happy future. We will not give in to despair even for our mistakes, omissions, and failures. All this cannot change our strategy, since:

We lost, we lost many times,
We saw the lie smile,
But our will is stronger than stone,
Our spirit knows no surrender.

And therefore, we the Armenians are winners. Let us take our chance, stand up and build our victory. And rest assured, the government you have elected has not given up its mission and responsibility to show you the way to the victory.

And therefore,
Long live freedom!
Long live the Republic of Armenia!
Long live the Republic of Artsakh!
Long live the Armenian Army and the Armenian Soldier!
And long live our children who will live in a free and happy Armenia, in a free and happy Artsakh!

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