Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

Congratulatory message of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Teachers’ Day


Dear teachers, I congratulate all of you on your professional holiday, Teachers’ Day, and express my appreciation and respect for your profession and mission.

Many teachers in Armenia, despite many difficulties, have been and continue to be dedicated to the profession, in other words, to the student, the future and the country. And we see the result of that commitment today in the form of the successes and achievements of many citizens.

The greatest mission of a teacher is not only to impart concrete knowledge, but also to teach how to study, to show the importance of knowing, being able, learning, making learning a vital necessity for a person, and this is what we meant by bringing forward the issue of making learning a national way of life in Armenia's 2050 transformation strategy.

It is for the effective solution of this problem that we have adopted the state standards of pre-school education and general education, we have launched the system of voluntary attestation of pedagogical staff. As a result, the salaries of certified teachers in the first round will increase by 30 to 50 percent. As a result of this ongoing process, we will ensure that high-quality pedagogues teach in our schools, at the same time solving the issue of financial security of the teachers.

It is for the solution of this issue that we have set a task to build, reconstruct or renovate 500 kindergartens and 300 schools in the next five years, to provide all our schools with modern natural science and engineering laboratories.

We are deeply convinced that education is the tool through which our country must overcome all the difficulties it faces, and let me assert that all our current difficulties have something to do with the problems we have ever had in the field of education.

Dear teachers,

Today, you are at the forefront of our future, and the Government will do its utmost to provide you with strong support so that you can open the doors of knowledge and ability, that is, a happy future, to our children.

Congratulations again on Teachers’ Day.




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