Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's message on the occasion of Citizen's Day


Dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia, I warmly congratulate all of us on the occasion of Citizen's Day.

This holiday was introduced to record the key role of the most important institution of a democratic state, the Citizen, in the accomplishment and development of the state.

The Non-violent, velvet, popular revolution that took place in 2018 is the symbol of the establishment of citizen’s power in Armenia; that value is irreversible and unshakable.

The page of election falsification, thus depriving the citizen of the constitutional right to make decisions, is left in the past; Armenia is perceived all over the world as a country with electoral democracy.

This is also because after the catastrophic 44-day war in 2020, first of all, the Citizen not only did not allow the chaotization of his state, but also raised the democratic rating of our country in the most difficult post-war period.

Dear people, Proud Citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

We have gone through and are going through indescribable, sometimes, to speak directly, unbearable difficulties. Every day, every hour, every step, some forces try to contaminate us with the infection of doubt and hesitation, they try to shake our faith in our past and future, and which is most important, in our mission.

I call, I ask all of you, I demand from all of you, do not hesitate, do not doubt. We are not the author of the disasters that have befallen our country, we have suffered a cruel fate and a sacred mission - to lead our homeland through the inevitable disasters that have accumulated for many years, to bring it to a peaceful, prosperous, happy future.

And on this path we have not kneeled and will not kneel. Now more than ever I am convinced. We are on the right path, we will take our ship in a stormy ocean to a safe haven.

Long live Freedom!
Long live the Republic of Armenia!
Long live our children who will live in a Free and Happy Armenia!
Eternal glory to our martyrs.




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