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The Government approves the action plan of the education development state program. Large-scale reforms are planned


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A regular Cabinet meeting took place today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The Government approved the action plan arising from the law on approving the “Education development plan until 2030", which, as a document reflecting the strategic goals and directions of reforms for the development of all layers of education, is also fixed in a number of international cooperation documents.

As noted by Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Zhanna Andreasyan, the action plan reflects the three main directions of the education strategy, the first of which is universally inclusive, quality and accessible educational services in all settlements for every citizen at all stages of life. The second direction is increasing the efficiency of education, including the process, cost and management efficiency of the system, and the third direction is the internationalization of educational services and products and Armenia’s role in the direction of transformation in the global education system. Zhanna Andreasyan presented a number of major programs planned at all educational levels. According to the Minister, it is planned to introduce flexible mechanisms for the involvement of private sector specialists in schools and colleges. 10 resource centers will be established in all regions for the purpose of practical teaching, the management of colleges will be carried out jointly with the private sector, using the work-based learning methodology, the experience of which is already available. The largest reforms are planned in the higher education sector, that is, to increase the number of state-funded universities to 8 and to include a strong scientific research component in them. It is planned to create an academic city as a modern infrastructure of quality higher education and science. As a result of actions in this direction, it is planned that at least 4 universities will be included in the top 500 list of international rankings, etc.

By Government decision, "Yerevan bus" CJSC will benefit from the privilege of being exempted from import duties within the framework of the investment project implemented in the priority sector. In order to provide regular transport service to the population of the capital, the company plans to continue the organization of public transportation with the newly imported 150 city buses. The implementation of the project will create an opportunity to ensure the renewal of the capital's existing routes and the creation of new routes, increasing the quality of services provided to the capital's population, guests and tourists, facilitating the alternative opportunities to move from one point to another and reducing the time of transportation. The Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, Tigran Avinyan, noted that new bus stops will be installed and there will be a management system, by which people will know which bus will be at the bus stop at which time, which will be possible to do also online. It was also informed that there is already the winner for the implementation of the unified ticketing system, it will be implemented both in buses and in the metro. The operation of the bus and metro network will be coordinated and brought to a single logic.

The Government adopted a decision in order to ensure the implementation of the measures "Overhaul of Highways of Republican Importance" and "Overhaul of Transport Facilities" provided for by the state budget. In general, it is proposed to allocate 2,865,720,244.0 AMD to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, of which 2,813,028,543 AMD are for construction works, 23,231,315 AMD for technical control, and 29,460,386 AMD for copyright control.

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