Statements and messages of the Prime Minister of RA

The message of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on the occasion of the 90th General Assembly of the Armenian General Benevolent Union


Dear Mr Setrakian,

Dear members of the big family of the AGBU,

I welcome our compatriots who have gathered in Paris these days from all corners of the world, and send heartfelt congratulations to you all on the occasion of the 90th General Assembly.

Since its establishment, the AGBU has been one of the engines of Armenian national life. Your devoted service to the nation for more than a century has contributed to the preservation of Armenian identity in the world and the development of Armenian culture, arts, schools, science and education. In parallel to organising national life in the Diaspora communities, the AGBU has spared no effort for the development of our Homeland.

The active engagement of AGBU-Armenia in the implementation of socio-economic projects in Armenia and Artsakh in the recent years deserves a special highlight. There is a great variety of projects that AGBU has already implemented and those still in progress in Armenia and Artsakh.

Our expectation is that the AGBU will expand its presence in the Homeland and will get new dimensions in the near future. Our Government is ready to hear your proposals and invest all possible efforts in order to jointly breathe life into those.

I wish this Assembly of delegates and leaders of all worldwide AGBU Chapters will yield the desired outcomes. The AGBU – as one of the pillars of the Armenian Diaspora -- should be the valued partner in creating a stronger Armenia in the sake of the fulfillment of our national dreams and aspirations, for a more powerful Armenia, the wellbeing of the Armenian people and our national unity.

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